We believe a multidisciplinary approach is key, bringing in people who are not necessarily from your field of expertise can be a huge leverage in terms of your capabilities.


Hey, I’m MrJonesEdition founder Alexander Jones!

In 2015, I started #DisruptionTalk where I fostered a global real-time community of founders, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, and designers democratizing specialized knowledge and relationships.

From past experiences I learned it was sometimes difficult to gain access to the right relationships and information. However the miracle of Digital Borders allowed anyone with a stable internet connection to collaborate and learn together in real-time.

Intrigued and inspired with the ideas of becoming a digital nomad was the beginning of a data analytics and social media firm in 2016. Along with professional email marketing and automation software, DogWhistle a web application for Target Audience and multidisciplinary marketing plan, and coworking popup powered by a mobile cloud.

The idea is to tell stories the best way they will be understood in the social age - and this is through data. How can our remote office better function as a coworking popup to others - and what are their stories?

Disruption is a way to tell the stories, methods, and insights of the founders of DisruptionTalk. Whereas their experiences would otherwise go underutilized by those who need it most.


Our Values

Our relationships with our customers and with each other are built on trust, respect, and the occasional funny GIF. We leave our egos out of the equation, we give people the benefit of the doubt, and we help one another to be our best selves.

Choose Kindness

Everyone on our team has the opportunity to make a significant, long-lasting impact. We grow by being profitable, not by relying on investors, and that means we are all directly responsible for our own successes.

Take Ownership

MrJonesEdition’s platform users and team are what keep this whole thing working – well, that, and a not-insignificant amount of caffeine. We make sure that the people responsible for our success are treated the way they deserve.

Value for Value